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Ikea’s ‘affordable’ Sonos-powered speakers will be revealed on April 9th

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Doing for audio what it did for lighting

Prototype Ikea speaker attached to the wall above a Sonos Play:5. 
Image: Sonos

You’ve seen the prototypes, but now Ikea has set the date to show off its first Sonos-powered Symfonisk speakers. The “products” (plural) will be revealed on April 9th in Milan, before they’re expected to go on sale in August.

“Ikea and Sonos have showed a prototype to the world,” reads the Ikea press release, “a book-shelf speaker that will give customers a great connected speaker that enables a multi-functional usage in the home, at an affordable price.”

The cheapest Sonos speaker — the Play:1 — currently sells for $149.

A teaser video posted by Ikea, shows two digitally masked speakers: one hanging on the kitchen wall (or is it perched on a shelf?) and another next to a sofa on a side table. Or maybe we’re looking at a single speaker with multiple mounting options. Either way, what we’ll see in April will be the first in what’s likely to be a series of speakers, just as we’ve seen with Ikea’s burgeoning Tradfri range of low-priced smart lights, dimmers, switches, and, soon, controllers for electric blinds.

Sonos has said that the Ikea speakers will fully integrate with Sonos’ existing range of wireless speakers, as well as Ikea’s Tradfri range of smart devices. The Ikea and Sonos Feel Home exhibition will run between April 9th and 14th as part of Milan Design Week.