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The first Apex Legends battle pass launches tomorrow with new character Octane

The first Apex Legends battle pass launches tomorrow with new character Octane


The battle pass subscription will cost $9.50

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Image: Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment’s fast-growing battle royale hit Apex Legends is launching its much-anticipated first season tomorrow, the developer announced this morning. The first season, dubbed Wild Frontier, will come with a Fortnite-style battle pass costing $9.50 for three months alongside the game’s newest character, the legend Octane.

Fans of Apex Legends have been anxiously awaiting the battle pass launch since the game first released at the beginning of February. As pioneered first by Fortnite creator Epic Games, a battle pass system lets players pay a small fee, typically around $10, for three months of ongoing in-game rewards and special events.

The pass tends to come with a leveling system that goes from one to 100, with free rewards for every tier. Since Fortnite’s implementation of the subscription in the fall of 2017, numerous other battle royale hits or games with battle royale modes, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, have since borrowed the concept.

Respawn is following Fortnite’s structure quite closely, it seems. You’ll get the standard battle pass for 950 Apex coins, or $9.50. You can also pay $28 to purchase the battle pass and unlock the first 25 tiers straight away. Similar to Fortnite, Respawn confirms that you can earn rewards even if you don’t buy the battle pass, including five free Apex packs, one legendary skin for what appears to be the new Octane legend, and 18 stat-tracker customization options for your in-game banner.

Unlike Fortnite, however, Respawn confirmed in a Reddit thread on the subject that progression will be strictly based on experience points, and not challenge-based like Epic’s. Respawn says it will announce more information tomorrow when the pass launches around how progression works, as players have reason to be a bit concerned over how much time it will take to level up and complete all 100 tiers in the given time frame.

Image: Respawn Entertainment

Although Respawn doesn’t specifically call out Octane in its press release, the character is shown in season 1 marketing material. The company even hinted at Octane’s arrival by dropping bounce pads, apparently tied to the legend’s ultimate ability, around the in-game market area ahead of the announcement.