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SHODAN returns in System Shock 3 trailer

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OtherSide Entertainment has dropped the first real teaser trailer for its upcoming System Shock revival, offering a look at some “pre-alpha in-engine” footage of a doomed space station under the control of murderous AI SHODAN. The System Shock 3 trailer was shown at Unity’s Game Developers Conference keynote, confirming that the game will use the Unity engine.

System Shock 3 sees original producer Warren Spector return to the legendary immersive sim series. The game has undergone a protracted development and recently lost its publisher, Starbreeze, which is in serious financial trouble. Despite this, last month Spector said “The team is still, as we say, ‘psyched and cranking’ — in other words, continuing as normal. I’m confident we can bring System Shock 3 to market and have it take its place as a leading title in the immersive simulation genre.”