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Smart’s Forease+ is a cute electric concept

Smart’s Forease+ is a cute electric concept


With a roof this time

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Image: Daimlaer AG

During last year’s Paris Motor Show, Daimler unveiled its Smart Forease electric concept car, a cute electric car designed to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary. Next week, the company will showcase the Forease+ at the Geneva Motor Show, a cute successor that also happens to comes with a roof.

Daimler described last year’s effort as a demonstration that the brand could think “unconventionally,” and that the Smart Forease was a “free spirit.” That might be the case, but it was also so free-spirited that it came without a roof. This year’s model corrects that drawback with a removable fabric one.

Aside from that, the electric car retains much of the cute that the original came with: quirky headlights and styling. Like any concept car, it’s not likely something that you’re going to see on the road anytime soon, but this version does feel like it’s a bit more practical. Maybe we’ll see some of the ideas here end up in future models down the road, as the brand makes the case for an affordable urban electric car.