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eBay is adding support for Google Pay

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GPay comes to eBay

eBay is adding Google Pay as a payment option to its Android app, mobile web, and desktop site. The feature will begin rolling out in early April.

The announcement post cites Millennials and Generation Z shoppers who increasingly make purchases from their phones and digital wallets as a reason for the new addition. eBay has shifted away from its reliance on PayPal since the companies split apart in 2015, and is focusing on offering customers more choices in their payment options. The post further details that “eBay’s managed payments experience allows users to check out without leaving the platform,” unlike PayPal, which sends users to a different site to finish payment. Today’s move is part of eBay’s efforts to manage most of its own payments by 2021.

Google Pay will be joining Apple Pay, which became available as a payment option last year. Both options are only accessible from sellers enrolled in eBay’s new payments experience.