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HBO’s Deadwood movie gets a trailer and a May 31st release date

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Thirteen years later, Deadwood is back

Deadwood fans have been waiting for a film that would wrap up the events of the three-season HBO show for over a decade, and now HBO has given both a first look at Deadwood: The Movie and a May 31st release date.

The film will reportedly be set years later in the chronology of the show from when we last saw Al Swearengen (Ian Mcshane) and will see South Dakota officially joining the United States, along with the ramifications of that for the townsfolk.

Deadwood: The Movie sounds like a Deadwood fan’s dream for a series-ending spectacular: nearly the entire original cast is back, including McShane and Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock, series creator and writer David Milch wrote the script, and it’s being directed by Daniel Minahan (who also directed a few episodes of the show).

Correction: Deadwood is set in South Dakota, not South Carolina.