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Samsung says upcoming Galaxy A90 will feature a ‘Notchless Infinity Screen’

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The first ‘New Infinity’ display?

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Samsung announced the Galaxy A30 and A50 last month.
Image: Samsung

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A90 will feature a “Notchless Infinity screen” according to a page on the company’s website (first spotted by Galaxy Club) that appears to have been updated to include the unannounced model. The phone is expected to be announced next month and will sit at the top of Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A series above the existing Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A30.

That could simply mean that the phone will have a hole-punch display like the Galaxy S10, but rumors have suggested that the Galaxy A90 will be able to avoid any cut-out by having a pop-up selfie camera, like last year’s Vivo Nex. Ice Universe, a frequent leaker, was first to make this claim back at the beginning of February, and Samsung’s promotion for its upcoming announcement event includes a skateboarder doing an ollie, which SlashGear speculates is another hint at a pop-up camera.

Image: Samsung
The page mentions the Galaxy A90 in one of its footnotes, alongside a picture of one of the existing (notched) phones from the range.

It’s unclear exactly how the “Notchless Infinity screen” will differ from Samsung’s regular “Infinity Display.” Technically, Samsung’s 2017 Galaxy S8 featured an Infinity Display and didn’t have a notch because it had bezels instead. However, at the company’s developer conference last November, Samsung announced four different kinds of Infinity screens. Two of them (the U and the V) feature notches, one (the O, which we saw on the Galaxy S10) has a hole-punch cutout, and the final screen was a so-called “New Infinity” display, which featured no notches or cutouts at all.

Working out which display the Galaxy A90 will have all depends on whether Samsung categorizes the Infinity-O’s hole-punch as a notch or not. If it doesn’t, then its “notchless” promise could simply mean that the phone has a similar screen to the Galaxy S10.

If Samsung is about to announce its first phone with a pop-up selfie camera, then the Galaxy A series would be the right range for it. Last year, the company’s mobile head said that Samsung planned on debuting new features on its mid-range phones, and that’s exactly what the company has since done. The Galaxy A7 was its first phone with three rear cameras, the Galaxy A9 had four, and the Galaxy A8s was its first phone with a hole-punch display.

The Samsung Galaxy A90 is expected to be announced at an event on April 10th.