Dear Nilay, Please Add Chapters/Timestamps To The Vergecast!


I'm a big fan of podcasts that incorporate chapters like ATP, Upgrade, and The Talk Show. I find this ideal as I don't often listen to the entire episode of tech podcasts, only the topics that interest me.

For as long as I can remember, The Vergecast used timestamps found in the description of each episode, which was not as good as chapters, but certainly better than nothing. I could at least tap a timestamp and jump into said discussion.

Well for a few weeks now, we have had nothing but a general description of the episode, along with way too many Verge links below that give you a rough outline of what subjects will be discussed and in what order, but no information with respect to when exactly they appear in the podcast.

This isn't good. I don't see any reason why they would remove timestamps. If anything they should have moved onto chapters. But if you aren't going to do that, at least keep the timestamps. It's a mess now. Please give us one or the other and not just a general description. Thank you.