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No Man’s Sky is coming to VR

No Man’s Sky is coming to VR

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It’s finally happening: more than two years after launch, sci-fi exploration game No Man’s Sky is coming to virtual reality. It’ll be available as part of a free update this summer on PlayStation VR and Steam VR. “I guess it’s not a huge surprise, but all of the team here is in love with everything sci-fi,” developer Hello Games explained in a blog post. “Virtual reality feels like a little science fiction become real, and has always seemed like a perfect fit for this futuristic game of ours.”

The new VR option won’t have a separate game mode; instead, you’ll be able to play the entire game as it currently exists in virtual reality. “By bringing full VR support, for free, to the millions of players already playing the game, No Man’s Sky will become perhaps the most owned VR title when released, which is weird to think about,” says Hello. “The team is working so hard to live up to the expectations that creates. We are excited for that moment when millions of players will suddenly update and be able to set foot on their home planets and explore the intricate bases they have built in virtual reality for the first time.”

The new VR support is part of the recently announced Beyond update for the game, which features three key components. The first will offer a “radical” new online multiplayer experience for the game, while the second is VR. The third pillar of the update has yet to be revealed.

Though it had a bit of a rocky launch, developer Hello Games has steadily improved No Man’s Sky since its 2016 debut, adding things like multiplayer support, base building, new underwater worlds, and alien archaeology. Meanwhile, the studio also recently announced its next game, a much smaller-scale experience called The Last Campfire.