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Apple surely must be trolling us with this new AirPower silhouette

Apple surely must be trolling us with this new AirPower silhouette


The retail box for the AirPods wireless charging case has a pretty familiar image on the back...

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Image: Apple

If you thought it was a little weird that Apple would ship its first wirelessly-chargeable AirPods headphones without Apple’s wireless charging pad — the long-delayed AirPower mat — we’ve got some brand new ammo for the conspiracy theories swirling in your brain. MacRumors is receiving reader tips that the new AirPods wireless charging case comes with a picture of AirPower right on the back of the box.

I am pretty sure “Yes” is the only appropriate thing to say in this particular situation.

While many of us are likely to see this as the latest sign that Apple planned to ship the AirPods and AirPower at the same time or that AirPower is at least imminent — also see, this surprisingly official image of the pad charging an iPhone XS — I have an alternate theory.

Image: MacRumors

You see, Apple’s gotten pretty savvy to social media recently. And by Apple, I of course mean Tim Apple. The guy who drew some new AirPods on his new iPad mini on Twitter, playing directly to his fans. The guy who probably greenlit a video that looked kind of like Apple had mistakenly started its March 25th livestream a day early.

I submit that AirPower will never ship, and Tim Apple is trolling us as long as he can.

But I’ll happily be wrong about that.