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Uber’s Ride Pass subscription service is coming to 16 new cities

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Now with free bike and scooter trips

The Uber logo against a dark background. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Ride Pass, the subscription service that Uber introduced late last year, is coming to over a dozen new markets, the company announced Tuesday. The expansion of Ride Pass — an Amazon Prime-style subscription service that allows Uber customers to pay a monthly fee for discounted rates for all UberX, Uber Pool and Express Pool rides — will include electric bike and scooter trips.

Ride Pass will now be available to customers who live in the following cities and regions: New York City, New York; Dallas, Texas; San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; San Antonio, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona; Orange County, California; Baltimore, Maryland; New Orleans, Louisiana; Nashville, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; St. Louis, Missouri; Jacksonville, Florida; and Memphis, Tennessee. They join the five launch cities: Los Angeles, California; Austin, Texas; Orlando, Florida; Denver, Colorado; and Miami, Florida.

But Uber will be jacking up the price for customers in these new cities. While customers who live in Austin, Miami, and Orlando will continue to pay the pilot price of $14.99 a month, new customers will have to pay the increased price of $24.99 a month that LA customers had to pay. For that price, riders can lock in flat rates on all the UberX, UberPool, and Express Pool trips they take over the course of that month. The rates, based on historical data, will be heavily discounted, saving riders up to 15 percent on their overall monthly travel, Uber says. Ride Pass fares won’t be subject to typical external events like weather, traffic, or surge pricing, and there’s no limit on the number of rides customers can take each month.

One addition: customers who live in cities with Uber’s Jump e-bikes and scooters can lock in flat rates on those trips as well. For a limited time, riders will also get 30 minutes of free bike and scooter riding a day with a Ride Pass subscription.

Uber drivers will still get the same earnings based on time and distance, with Uber covering the difference. That means, yet again, Uber is introducing a new product that will most likely fail to recoup its own costs. The company rarely turns a quarterly profit, and it’s reportedly looking to shore up its losses as it nears an IPO in April.

Updated March 26th, 12:10PM ET: Due to incorrect information from Uber, the original story misstated the monthly fee in new markets as $14.99. The actual monthly price in those markets is $24.99.