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Spectrum employee caught on camera stealing someone’s dog

Spectrum employee caught on camera stealing someone’s dog


Luckily, lil baby Andrew was returned only a few hours later

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Broadband and cable providers already have a pretty scummy reputation for hidden fees and inconvenient setup times, but I’m not sure they’ve ever committed a cardinal sin — until now. Yesterday afternoon, a Spectrum employee in the Los Angeles area apparently stole a young woman’s dog and drove off with him. Fortunately for the dog, the entire incident was caught on the family’s security camera.

Monday evening, Melissa Cortez posted the video on Twitter, tagging both Spectrum and local news outlets and hoping her 10-month-old pug puppy, Andrew, would be returned home safely. The video circulated across social media and in a matter of hours local news outlets were responding.

In a tweet, Cortez wrote that she had contacted Spectrum directly and filed a police report on Monday. Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait too long. In less than 24 hours, Andrew was reportedly brought back home by Spectrum’s head of security.

In a statement, Spectrum told The Verge that its security team had rectified the situation. “As part of its support of the Riverside Sheriff’s investigation, Spectrum security has recovered the dog and has returned it to the owner,” a spokesperson said. “The employee involved has been informed that he has been terminated.”

The name and position of the employee is unclear.

Now enjoy this wholesome photo of the two finally being reunited Tuesday afternoon. So cute.