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Nintendo’s cardboard Labo box teaches you the joy of cleaning up

Nintendo’s cardboard Labo box teaches you the joy of cleaning up


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The new Nintendo Labo cardboard kits have been all about imaginative possibilities, but one offering has apparently gone under the radar, and it seems obvious why. The Nintendo Labo Okatazuke is a cardboard box designed to store all of your Labo toys — no creativity required. The concept was teased on YouTube last August, but it’s now available for purchase with an estimated shipping date of April 20th, as spotted on Gizmodo.

Surely, this is Nintendo’s most sobering Labo product yet. Whereas others inspire fun and at least put a smile on your face, the Okatazuke (which translates to “cleaning up” or “organizing”) looks like your average moving box, without any slots for interactive play through the Switch. Each box is capable of storing one Labo full kit, so you’ll need separate boxes to individually put away the variety, robot, drive, and VR kits. That all may not be that exciting, but at least it’s the most affordable Labo accessory at 800 yen (about $7.25 USD) a box. It’s probably also the easiest to put together.

If you already bought the Labo kits since they became available last year, you’ve likely already figured out a storage solution for all of your cardboard gear. But if you’re a Nintendo collector, are aged six and under, or are a cat, then maybe this is the right toy for you. On the plus side, you probably won’t experience any motion sickness while playing with it.