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This Samsung flower vase is also a throwable fire extinguisher

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[Insert Galaxy Note 7 joke]

The Firevase is a flower vase that you literally throw at a fire like a grenade in order to put it out. Produced by a Samsung subsidiary called Cheil Worldwide, the vase works using an outer chamber filled with potassium carbonate that quickly cools and suppresses oxygen when the vase is smashed. A smaller inner chamber then holds the water for your flowers.

Dezeen notes that 100,000 Firevases were originally produced as part of a publicity campaign to promote the use of home fire extinguishers in South Korea. Despite the fact that having a home fire extinguisher has been mandatory since 2017, less than 60 percent of households in the country currently own one.

As a result of the success of the original campaign, which saw the amount of homes equipped with a fire extinguisher increase by 8 percent, Cheil Worldwide is now producing 200,000 more of the vases.