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New trailers: The Twilight Zone, The Angry Birds Movie 2, and more

New trailers: The Twilight Zone, The Angry Birds Movie 2, and more

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Photo: Robert Falconer / CBS

Apple kicked off this week with its big services event, which included the announcement of Apple TV Plus, its streaming movie and TV service. It’s going to be a huge deal, eventually, once it actually launches. But for now, I’m more interested in another thing Apple announced: an update to the Apple TV “TV” app.

With this app, Apple’s goal is to put all your streaming subscriptions in one place — one app to browse and stream everything available to you. That’s the dream, at least, making it so that people don’t have to hop between apps. But for now, not every video provider is on board. And for those that are on board, you’ll have to subscribe to them directly through Apple in order to get all the benefits; otherwise, you’ll still have to jump to the provider’s official app to start watching.

The Apple TV app update is several steps in the right direction. But for now, I find there’s still no great way to look up what’s available to me when I want to find something to watch. My go-to has been JustWatch, a website that lets you browse movies from multiple services at once. It’s helpful, but it’s not an ideal browsing experience. It doesn’t know me, so there’s no recommendations or filtering for what I’ve already watched, leading me to just scroll endlessly, hoping whatever algorithm it uses surfaces something good before I give up.

Check out seven trailers from this week below.

The Twilight Zone

CBS put out a longer trailer for its Twilight Zone revival this week. It delves into a lot of the same material as the prior ones, but also shows a few more famous faces and a significant amount more creepy imagery. The show debuts on April 1st.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

This looks like a pretty cute adaptation of the Nickelodeon series, transforming Dora into a teenage Indiana Jones who still has to deal with the realities of high school. One thing I don’t see much of in this trailer, though: Spanish. I hope they don’t completely remove the show’s focus on bilingual speaking as they bring it to a bigger screen. The film comes out August 2nd.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Guillermo del Toro produces this adaptation of the classic horror series, putting a frame around it that includes the book itself so that the film can cover multiple of its creepy tales. It’s essentially the Goosebumps formula, but scarier. It comes out August 9th.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

I looked it up. The first Angry Birds Movie made $352 million. For comparison, Arrival, which came out the same year, made $203 million. So it goes. The Angry Birds Movie 2 comes out in August.

You vs. Wild

Netflix has been experimenting more and more with interactive TV shows, and it’s using that technology to put a new twist on a Bear Grylls survival series. You vs. Wild becomes a choose your own adventure where you try to keep Grylls moving — or, at least, make him eat gross stuff. It comes out April 10th.


Here’s the full-length trailer for Chernobyl, HBO’s miniseries about the Chernobyl disaster and its fallout. This looks like an incredibly dark and depressing series, and honestly I cannot envision watching any more than the two and a half minutes shown here. The series premieres May 6th.

The Silence

I’m mostly posting this trailer because it’s weird. It basically just seems like a larger-scale, lower-budget take on A Quiet Place. Now, in fairness to this movie, it’s based on a novel that came out before John Krasinski’s quite good film. But I dunno, there’s something weird about Netflix buying Bird Box, another Quiet Place-esque movie, and now this. Maybe there’s a trend coming.