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Microsoft’s new Edge browser looks a lot like Chrome in leaked screenshots

Microsoft’s new Edge browser looks a lot like Chrome in leaked screenshots


Microsoft is still testing its Chromium-powered browser internally

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft revealed late last year that it’s planning to rebuild its Edge browser on Chromium. The software giant has been testing daily development builds of the updated browser, and now leaked screenshots have revealed Microsoft’s progress. While Microsoft’s current version of Edge has its own unique user interface, the current Chromium-powered versions of Edge look a lot like Chrome.

Neowin has published a number of screenshots showing the main interface and features of Chromium Edge, alongside some of the settings available. It’s clearly early days for this new browser, and Microsoft appears to be testing extension support, sync, and a new tab view that includes an image of the day and most visited sites. It appears that existing Edge extensions are currently supported, and Microsoft should be including support for Chrome’s own web extensions too.

The browser interface itself includes the same refresh, home, and navigation buttons as Chrome. There’s even the favorites on the address bar and a profile image to indicate who is logged into the browser. This is because Microsoft is building on top of the core of Chromium, but as these are very early builds we’re probably not seeing any interface changes just yet.

It’s not clear exactly when Microsoft plans to start testing its Chromium version of Edge publicly. Daily builds are available for Microsoft employees, and the browser is widely expected to be tested more widely very soon. If you’re interested in testing it once it’s available, you can sign up to Microsoft’s Edge Insider program and be notified once the company is ready to test this publicly.