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The original Diablo is now available on

The original Diablo is now available on


And other classics are on the way

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If the announcement of the mobile Diablo Immortal left you wishing for something a little more old-school, Blizzard has just the thing. Today, the developer announced that the original demon-slaying RPG Diablo is now available to purchase on classic games service

You’ll be able to play the original 1996 Diablo in two different ways, including an “authentic” experience that features “period-appropriate 20 FPS SVGA graphics, and the ability to matchmake through the classic version of Blizzard’s online-gaming service.” But there’s also a slightly enhanced version of the game, that includes a number of modern bug fixes along with Windows 10 compatibility.

“This has been a long time coming.”

“We were bummed that these iconic games weren’t available to our players, so we‘re very happy to work with the crew at to rectify that,” Blizzard vice president Rob Bridenbecker said in a statement. “This has been a long time coming and we hope our players will be excited to jump back into these classic titles.”

It’s curious that the game isn’t available through Blizzard’s own — which is already home to classics like the original StarCraft and Diablo II — but GOG does have its advantages, including a complete lack of DRM. And the partnership will continue in the future as well: Blizzard says that it’s planning GOG releases of both Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II.

Meanwhile, you can grab Diablo right here.