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Google Assistant can finally read your work calendar

Google Assistant can finally read your work calendar


The voice assistant now works with G Suite accounts

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Google announced today that Google Assistant is finally coming to G Suite, starting with the Calendar app within Google’s enterprise platform. In an official Google Cloud blog post, which coincided with the announcement at the company’s Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, the tech giant outlined how the integration will work. Users with G Suite accounts can start testing with Assistant starting today.

If you’re signed in with a G Suite account and synced with the Google Calendar app, you can ask Assistant to tell you when and where your next meeting is, just as you would with the consumer-facing version of the app. This also applies to mobile and desktop users, so Assistant integration for the G Suite (at least for the Calendar app) is cross-platform.

Unfortunately, this won’t work on a Google Assistant device that’s synced to your personal, and not your work, account, as it’s only an enterprise feature for businesses that use G Suite. Currently, there are no other announced G Suite apps that work with Google Assistant, although that could always change in the future or once it exits beta.