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You can reserve your chance to preorder the Samsung Galaxy Fold tomorrow

You can reserve your chance to preorder the Samsung Galaxy Fold tomorrow


Taking count of the early adopters

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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold won’t be released until April 26th, but Samsung is taking reservations for preorders (pre-preorders, if you will) starting tomorrow. To earn yourself a place in line to preorder an unlocked version of Samsung’s anticipated foldable phone, you’ll need to visit Samsung’s website early tomorrow morning.

You won’t need to put money down to reserve your preorder, which means that you have a little more time to save up for its $1,980 price tag. Aside from having two screens and being one of the first foldable phones available, part of the Galaxy Fold’s extra cost can be attributed to the truly wireless Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones that are included in the box. But even without them included, it’s still really expensive.

Committing to a phone payment plan with a carrier is a good option if you don’t want to shell out that much on a first-gen foldable in one payment. T-Mobile has announced that it will carry the Galaxy Fold starting on April 26th, and we’ve reaching out to it and other carriers for monthly pricing.

The Galaxy Fold is both a big and a small phone, depending on how you use it. It can reach up to 7.3 inches in size when you unfold it, though when it’s folded up, its 4.6-inch exterior display should fit easily in your pocket or bag. The Fold will launch with 512GB of fast eUFS storage by default, and it also includes 12GB of RAM.