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HQ Trivia’s most recognizable host Scott Rogowsky leaves the company

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He will host a baseball show on DAZN

Image: HQ

HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky said today that he’s giving up the gig to focus on hosting sports streaming service DAZN’s baseball show ChangeUp. TMZ first reported the departure and attributed it to a disagreement between HQ and Rogowsky over his desire to host both HQ and ChangeUp. He reportedly wanted to host HQ only on the weekends, but HQ wanted a full-time commitment.

HQ CEO Rus Yusupov confirmed to TechCrunch that Rogowsky is leaving the show, but he added that the company ran a survey of its top players who voiced that guest host Matt Richards was their favorite, which seems irrelevant to Rogowsky’s disagreement and mostly just a dig at the former host for wanting a different job. Yusupov also said the show plans to bring in more celebrity hosts in the future.

Rogowsky and HQ corporate haven’t always gotten along well. In the app’s early days, Yusupov infamously threatened to fire Rogowsky over an interview he gave to The Daily Beast in 2017, shortly following the app’s launch. Since then, Rogowsky has become the face of the brand, and while other hosts can likely fill in his place, he will always be known for HQ and vice versa.