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Apple rumored to add official iPad external display support in macOS 10.15

Apple rumored to add official iPad external display support in macOS 10.15


Use your iPad as a second screen

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Apple might be about to “Sherlock” another app in macOS 10.15. The company is reportedly working on enabling native support to use a connected iPad as an external display for a Mac, in what might render popular third-party options like Luna or Duet Display obsolete, according to 9to5Mac.

The feature — referred to internally as “Sidecar” — is part of a new window management system coming in macOS 10.15. Users will be able to hover over the green maximize button on the macOS window bar and be presented with a variety of options, including the regular full-screen mode, new tiling options, and the ability to send that window straight to an external display without having to click and drag it over.

Apple sherlocks Luna, Duet, and Moom in one shot

It sounds like a very similar UI to Moom, a popular window management app for macOS that does many of the same things. Apple is also said to be working on tools to snap windows to the side of displays, too, just like Microsoft has offered for years with Windows.

While using an iPad as a second screen already is useful, Apple is taking it one step further: iPad users will still be able to interact with apps with the Apple Pencil when it’s being used as an external screen, turning it into an ad hoc drawing tablet for your computer. It’s still not clear whether Apple’s system would work wirelessly or if you’d have to connect an iPad through a physical cable, nor did it say which iPads would support the feature.

Presumably, we’ll find out more about Apple’s new features for macOS 10.15 at WWDC, which will take place on June 3rd.