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A new Marvel game might be coming to Disney and Lenovo’s augmented reality headset

A new Marvel game might be coming to Disney and Lenovo’s augmented reality headset

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Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Versus Mode

A new FCC filing suggests that Disney and Lenovo are making a Marvel-themed follow-up to their lightsaber-equipped augmented reality headset. The filing, publicized by Variety yesterday, refers to a “Lenovo Mirage 1.5 Marvel Controller.” The original Lenovo Mirage launched in 2017 with the game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, which let players duel Darth Vader and several other Star Wars antagonists. Based on the name and other details, it now looks like a second major Mirage game is on its way.

Lenovo’s Mirage is a $79 augmented reality headset that reflects images projected from a phone, using a small floor light as a tracking beacon. It’s not the most ergonomic headset, and its tracking and image quality won’t match a high-end device like the Microsoft HoloLens. But after a deep discount from $199, it’s a fairly reasonably priced toy — despite essentially supporting a single game.

Variety notes that the filing mentions both a “standalone” controller and a “Marvel package,” so if Marvel and Lenovo do release new hardware, it seems plausible that they’d sell a headset bundle as well as a separate controller for existing Mirage headset owners. We don’t know what that controller might be, but it’s worth noting that Hasbro has already released a toy Iron Man gauntlet with an augmented reality game. (We’ve also recently seen virtual reality games starring Iron Man and Spider-Man, although high-end VR mechanics don’t necessarily translate well to AR.)

The Mirage headset is one of several VR and AR products from Lenovo — which also makes the Google Daydream-powered Mirage Solo headset, the 180-degree Mirage Camera, and the upcoming Oculus Rift S. Disney and Lenovo did not immediately respond to a request for comment.