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Fortnite’s new update lets you pet dogs (and other animals)

Fortnite’s new update lets you pet dogs (and other animals)

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With its latest update, Fortnite has added a very significant feature: you can finally pet dogs. The battle royale game introduced pets — which include not only dogs, but also dragons, chameleons, and other cuddly creatures — as part of season 6 back in September. But until now, you haven’t been able to interact with them.

The ability to pet animals may seem out of place in a game about killing everyone around you, but Fortnite isn’t a stranger to pleasant interactions, as anyone who has ever thanked the bus driver or attended a violence-free concert can attest. Given just how charming the pets in the game are, it’s a feature that’s long overdue.

The option comes as part of the v8.40 update for the game, which also includes a number of other notable features. The biggest are two new limited time modes: one brings back planes, which were removed in season 8, while another reintroduces the excellent food fight mode. There are a handful of other tweaks and fixes as well. You can check out the full patch notes here.