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Fortnite is getting a World Cup for creative mode, too

Fortnite is getting a World Cup for creative mode, too


A game design competition with $3 million on the line

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Photo by Nick Statt / The Verge

The finals for the Fortnite World Cup are quickly approaching, and today developer Epic announced a new twist for the competition. While the main tournament will be centered around the game’s incredibly popular battle royale mode, it will also include a component involving Fortnite’s Minecraft-style creative mode, which launched in December and has been steadily growing in stature.

Over the next few weeks Epic will hold a series of events where competitors can submit their creations to be judged, and the winners will then face off at the World Cup finals in New York this July. The creative-specific prize pool totals a sizable $3 million. While a number of details are still unclear, here’s the basic qualification process, as per Epic:

The road to the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals includes five showcase events running from April 29th - June 7th. Every week you’ll have a chance to try out the latest creative trial and submit your best clip using the event specific hashtag on YouTube. Our special Fortnite captains will select the top submissions as winners. The selected winners each week will be headed to New York City to participate in the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals.

We’ll kick things off with the first trial, built and judged by Cizzorz. Tune into Fortnite’s social channels and follow Cizzorz online for the latest news on the first creative trial. Every other week a new creative trial will be revealed, with more opportunities to qualify for the finals.

In some ways it’s surprising to see creative mode featured in the World Cup — e-sports are typically centered around the more direct competition featured in shooter, fighting, and strategy games — but it also makes a lot of sense. The Fortnite World Cup will be a huge spectacle, making it a good opportunity to push the creative mode, which is a key component to the game’s longevity.

Epic has made competitive Fortnite and e-sports a big priority, going so far as to set aside a whopping $100 million for tournaments, which will culminate in the World Cup finals this summer. The event will be taking place at the 23,000-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City, with a total of $30 million on the line, and qualification for the best battle royale players is already underway.