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Apple expands its iPhone recycling program to US Best Buy stores and the Netherlands

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Just in time for Earth Day

Apple has announced that it’s expanding its iPhone recycling program to include Best Buy stores in the US and KPM locations in the Netherlands, greatly increasing the number of places where customers can return old devices to ensure that they’re recycled properly. Previously, the only place to recycle an iPhone was through Apple Stores or Apple’s online site.

The company has custom-built robots called Daisy that disassemble recycled iPhones. Daisy can now disassemble 15 different iPhone models — up from the nine models it could take apart in 2018 — which it can take apart at a rate of 200 phones per hour. (That’s up to 1.2 million iPhones per Daisy robot per year.) So far, Apple says that it’s received “nearly 1 million devices through Apple programs” for recycling, so that might be overkill for now, but hopefully the expanded program will provide more phones to recycle.

Additionally, Apple announced a new Material Recovery Lab in Austin, Texas, which will work to develop new recycling processes to improve on its existing recycling efforts so that Apple can make sure that it’s making the most of each phone and as little goes to waste as possible.