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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s stage builder unleashes the internet’s creativity

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‘Mamma mia, that’s a spicy meatball!’


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got a surprise update yesterday, which included a stage builder mode, a video editing feature, and the DLC character Joker from Persona 5. For the most part, users have taken to the stage builder mode to design elaborate, creative stages. But as anyone who has ever spent one nanosecond on the internet knows, given the creative power, humanity will always default to drawing dicks.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo’s introduced a stage builder function in its games (Super Mario Maker, for example, lets you share your stages online), so the company has a basic idea of what to expect. But despite some light moderation efforts, the dicks are still busting through the detectors.

I won’t post all of them here (for obvious NSFW reasons, but also because there are too many), but here’s one of the more creative stages:

Nintendo’s penis detectors can be forgiven for missing this one, as I’m pretty sure no program can be trained to detect this absolutely obscene Waluigi:

Still, you have to commend the artistic spirit of Smash players. The best stage I’ve seen so far is a “Spicy Meatball” stage, in which players can be eaten by a hungry Mario and farted out to their demise.

I also love a good pair of jorts, just in time for bare legs weather:

Isabel in hell, over on Japanese Twitter, is also good:

Here’s a nice throwback to the desk from Smash 64:

And the ultimate stage: sliver of triangle.