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Amazon lowers prices again at Whole Foods and expands Prime deals

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The third round of discounts includes in-season produce

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Amazon announced a new round of price cuts at Whole Foods grocery stores starting on Wednesday, April 3rd. This batch of discounts focuses on in-season produce, like greens, tomatoes, tropical fruits, and more, according to a press release from Amazon.

In terms of how much you’ll save, Amazon says that Prime members, as well as non-Prime members, can expect to save an average of 20 percent on items across several product categories. Additionally, it says that customers who subscribe to Prime can expect more than 300 exclusive deals over the coming months.

If you aren’t yet an Amazon Prime member, TechCrunch notes that new subscribers can get $10 off of the purchase of at least $20 at Whole Foods after signing up. Free two-day shipping is probably the most popular Prime perk, but you’ll also get all of the other benefits that being a Prime subscriber brings at Whole Foods, including weekly deals, free grocery pickup, free grocery delivery on orders over $35, and more.

Amazon’s continued support of Whole Foods following its acquisition in 2017 isn’t surprising. A recent report from The Wall Street Journal says that Amazon may open its own grocery stores by the end of 2019 to compete directly with the likes of Walmart, Kroger, and other popular grocery franchises, so it could be laying the groundwork for how Prime benefits will play out at its own stores. Amazon has reportedly signed leases in cities where it already has a presence with its Amazon Go stores, including Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle.