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Samsung reportedly delays Galaxy Fold launch to May or beyond after display issues

Samsung reportedly delays Galaxy Fold launch to May or beyond after display issues

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Samsung is delaying the release of its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, the company has now confirmed, hinting that it will change the design of the phone to strengthen its display.

While the company isn’t saying when it’ll arrive now — it’s an indefinite delay — The Wall Street Journal reported earlier that Samsung won’t release the Galaxy Fold until “at least next month” due to issues with review units that technology reporters have revealed. A string of reviewers found problems with the display, with it failing for a number of reasons.

The Verge’s own review unit failed due to what appeared to be debris caught between the hinge and the display. Samsung previously said it intends to “thoroughly inspect [the review] units in person,” and was originally planning to continue to release the Galaxy Fold on Friday. Over the weekend, the company postponed launch events in China, and it looked increasingly likely that the device would not go on sale on Friday.

Samsung is investigating the Galaxy Fold screen issues thoroughly

Given the multiple reports of screen failure, some due to reviewers attempting to peel off a protective plastic layer, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold launch delay feels like the best option for the company. While Samsung is aiming to be first to the market with its $1,980 foldable phone, these are critical hardware problems that the company will need to investigate fully.

Update, 1:25 PM ET: Added that Samsung has now confirmed the delay for the Galaxy Fold, and that officially, we don’t know when it’ll arrive.