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Windows 10’s new app tabs feature has disappeared and might not return

Windows 10’s new app tabs feature has disappeared and might not return


The future of Sets doesn’t look great

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Microsoft had been planning to introduce a tabbed apps feature in Windows 10, dubbed Sets. The company tested it with Windows Insiders, but decided not to ship it with a major release of Windows 10. It now looks like the Sets feature may never appear in Windows 10. Microsoft program manager Rich Turner revealed over the weekend that “the Shell-provided tab experience is no more,” but that adding tabs to the Windows command line is a priority.

ZDNet now reports that Microsoft has dropped plans for Sets, because the company has moved Edge over to Chromium. Edge was a big part of Sets, and it would load as part of a new tab in every Universal Windows App. It’s clear that Microsoft is prioritizing work on its new Edge browser over features like Sets, and that could mean the tabbed apps feature will never ship.

“We’ve taken Sets offline from WIP to continue to evaluate long term while also needing to prioritize other work tied to Microsoft Edge,” says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. The company isn’t confirming or denying that Sets is dead, but it’s clearly delayed at best. Windows 10 users will now have to settle for third-party solutions like Groupy that lets you take any app you have open and make it a tab in another app.