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Reddit is making it much easier to follow discussions around TV, news, and live events

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Moderators can curate and schedule posts to better host events

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Reddit is launching two new post types to all subreddits today, Variety reports. Moderators will be able to create event and collection posts, which will help users follow along with discussions centered around live events, breaking news, and TV shows.

Event posts allow moderators to schedule posts ahead of time, as well as add time information like start and end time. Users can follow the post and get a notification when the event starts. It’s a useful feature for upcoming events, such as TV shows or sporting events — particularly in subreddits like r/GameofThrones and r/RocketLeagueEsports, where the features have been in beta testing for the past several months.


Collection posts let moderators curate and group relevant posts so users can quickly read through the best ones. It’s useful for finding all the discussions centered around TV episodes, or finding the best AMAs hosted in specific subreddits.


Events and Collections offer users the option to follow the posts themselves, without having to subscribe to the entire subreddit. Reddit senior product manager Adam Barton told Variety that the features aim to make posts easier to navigate, and more user-friendly for new users: “We want to lower the barrier.”