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Nintendo’s cheaper Switch model could be out this June

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And a ‘modest upgrade’ for the main Switch later this year

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Nintendo may be releasing a cheaper version of the Switch this June, according to a report from Bloomberg, which corroborates earlier rumors that Nintendo is working on a budget model of its popular portable console.

It’s still not clear what changes Nintendo would make to yield a cheaper Switch, although some have speculated that the new console could feature a smaller display or remove the dock capability for a cheaper and more mobile-focused device.

While Nintendo has yet to release its official numbers for the last fiscal year, according to Bloomberg, analysts estimate that Nintendo shipped 17.5 million Switch consoles. That number would beat out Nintendo’s revised estimate of 17 million units, but it would still fall short of the original (and highly ambitious) 20 million console goal.

A cheaper model of the Switch could help Nintendo boost sales, a strategy that we’ve already seen the company use in the past with products like the Nintendo 2DS, a less powerful and budget version of the 3DS that opened up the portable console’s vast library of games to customers at a far lower price point.

Additionally, Bloomberg notes that the existing Switch is on track to get “a modest upgrade” later this year. That gels with a report from The Wall Street Journal last month, which claimed that Nintendo will release a Switch model with “enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers.” Bloomberg does note that “a more powerful version” of the Switch isn’t in the works at this time, so whatever Nintendo does change, it doesn’t seem like it will drastically change performance.