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Overwatch’s new Workshop lets players build their own custom games

Overwatch’s new Workshop lets players build their own custom games

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Blizzard’s team shooter Overwatch is getting a big new feature. Today, the developer announced the Overwatch Workshop, which it describes as “a simplified game scripting system” that will let players create their own custom games. Essentially, players will be able to take existing game modes and add new rules and win conditions to them. As an example, Blizzard released a floor-is-lava-style mode today where players catch fire if they touch the ground.

Currently, the Workshop is only available on PC in the game’s public test server (PTR), but it looks fairly robust. You can adjust a hero’s abilities or movement, or change up the way healing and damage work. Blizzard also says that players can add text to certain elements of the game, so hopefully we’ll see some much needed fan-driven story content. You can check out a detailed look at how everything works right here.

Blizzard has steadily added new content to Overwatch since its debut in 2016, most recently adding the game’s 30th hero, Baptiste, back in February. But generally speaking, there are two ways to keep competitive games relevant for a long time. One is through e-sports, the other player-created content. Fortnite, for instance, is exploring both with its creative mode and the $30 million Fortnite World Cup. Overwatch already has its own budding professional league, so something like the Workshop seems like the logical next step to keep the game going.