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Adobe Illustrator’s latest experimental feature lets you emulate your mood boards

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Capture the colors on your mood board

Sign back into your Pinterest and grab those mood boards, because they’re about to come in handy. Adobe previewed an Illustrator feature at the creative conference OFFF Barcelona today that lets users extract color palettes from images and photographs. Users can then apply a palette onto their artwork to have the app automatically color it all at once, then make individual adjustments from there.

The feature, called Color Transfer, could be especially useful for artists who want to explore different color variations on their artwork. Users can play around with applying specific color palettes to vector illustrations, and get inspiration from reference images and photographs in their libraries. Take a look at the video above to see how the Spanish tile design can be edited with colors extracted from the tile work photos, or read about the feature on Adobe’s blog for more details.

Adobe often gives sneak peeks of experimental features in development at conferences like Adobe MAX. Not all of its features make it to product updates, but Color Transfer is one I’m hoping will roll out soon.