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Snapchat unveils plans to get your Bitmoji into games

Snapchat unveils plans to get your Bitmoji into games


It’s-a me, your Bitmoji

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Image: Snap

Snap will soon let game developers import your Bitmoji to use as 3D characters. TechCrunch reports that a new Bitmoji for Games SDK will support games built in Unity, the Unreal Engine, and Snap’s in-house PlayCanvas engine, and it will be free for the select developers that Snap has chosen for the platform.

This is not the first time a company has had ambitions to let you use the same character across multiple games. The Nintendo Wii introduced the concept of Miis, which were stylized characters that would go on to appear in games across the Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS, and Switch. Microsoft also took a stab at the concept in the Xbox 360 era with its Xbox Avatars that appeared in games ranging from Kinect Sports to Guitar Hero 5 (seriously).

The Bitmoji functionality will work by using the Snapchat app to scan an in-game code to link the game with your Snapchat account. Snap plans to support the functionality across games on PC, consoles, and mobile. Previously, the company let other app developers import Bitmoji using Bitmoji Kit.