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You can now build a Psyduck to bring to Detective Pikachu

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Time to Build-A-Duck

Most pokémon are adorable, cuddly creatures that you want to just squeeze to your chest and never let go. Finally, Build-A-Bear is letting people create a snuggly pal based on the most underrated pokémon: Psyduck.

Psyduck, the poor, confused yellow duck who’s forced to stagger around the world with a bad headache and no ibuprofen in sight, is Build-A-Bear’s latest addition to its Pokémon lineup. It’s being added just in time for Detective Pikachu, Warner Bros.’ CGI-meets-live-action Pokémon movie. Unlike some of Build-A-Bear’s other stuffed animals created as a tie-in for movies (looking at you, Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord bear), Psyduck is painstakingly cute. Just look at him! You immediately want to hug him, rub his belly, and buy a BabyBjörn carrier so you never have to leave him at home. He can be the Pikachu to your Psyduck, as seen in the Detective Pikachu GIF below.

Warner Bros.

The cuteness doesn’t stop there, either. There are two accessories that people can purchase for their new duck son: a Pokémon hoodie of sorts, and this equally adorable raincoat! Each accessory is $13.50, but that raincoat and rain hat is a must-have seasonal accessory.

Psyduck in a raincoat!
Psyduck in a Pokémon hoodie.

Build-A-Bear also created a special edition Detective Pikachu Snubbull, but let’s face it: he’s not as cute as Psyduck. He does look cuddly, and if you’re into Pokémon’s weird bulldog creature, I guess it’s kind of cool. But listen to me — if you’re only going to buy one, get Psyduck. Do I have to point up at the raincoat and rain hat again? Or, buy both! I have multiple Build-A-Bear Pokémon cluttering up my desk at work, and being able to snuggle an assortment of Pokémon is kind of rad.

Both Psyduck and Snubbull are available to purchase on April 26th via Build-A-Bear’s online store. Each costs $32, and comes with a Build-A-Bear exclusive Pokémon trading card.