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Vergecast: WWDC leaks and further fiascos from Samsung and Luminary

You can listen to this on Luminary, I guess

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

After a week of Galaxy Fold troubles, The Vergecast’s Dieter Bohn, Ashley Carman, and Paul Miller unfold the Samsung saga with Dieter’s official review of the phone and Samsung’s reaction to its potential misgivings.

Of course, we’ve got drama in another part of the tech word, too. The new podcast app Luminary launched this week, and shows are pulling out of the app. Ashley Carman explains the controversy and how it’s affecting podcast creators.

This wouldn’t be a Vergecast episode without some gadget news, so we’ve also got some leaks from Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, a rumored Pixel 3a from Google I/O, and Paul’s recurring segment “Android tablets are a real gift to humanity, and I think we forget that sometimes” — so keep listening to stay informed.

Stories this week:

If you want to see Vergecast Live, we’re doing that. We’ll be doing a live show in Mountain View, California, during Google I/O on May 8th. You can RSVP here.