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Audible is turning William Gibson’s unfilmed Alien script into an audio drama

Audible is turning William Gibson’s unfilmed Alien script into an audio drama


Coming May 30th

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Image: 20th Century Fox

Neuromancer author William Gibson famously wrote the script for a sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens years ago, but was ultimately never filmed — we got Alien³ instead. Last year, Dark Horse Comics resurrected the script for a new comic book, and now, the script is getting another adaptation, this time as an audio drama from Audible.

Gibson’s Alien III is set after the events of Aliens, and picks up the story of Ripley, Hicks, Newt, and what’s left of the android Bishop, as they arrive in the territory of the Union of Progressive Peoples, a Soviet Union-like nation. They’re boarded by the soldiers, and as one might expect, a face-hugger latches on to one of them, and everyone has to deal with an infestation of Xenomorphs. Gibson’s script isn’t exactly a long-lost secret: it’s floated around the internet for years, but an audio drama will bring it nearly to what it was originally intended.

In addition to audiobooks of the original movie novelizations (including Alien³), the audiobook publisher has released a number of original Alien tie-in audio dramas over the years, often narrated with a full cast and sound effects. Alien III will get the same full-cast treatment, and will even include one of the original actors from the franchise: Michael Biehn, who played Corporal Hicks in Aliens.

Alien III will be available to download on May 30th, and it’s currently free to preorder.