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Vimeo’s new feature will allow creators to create Smart TV channels

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The new Showcases feature will give creators a new way to share their work

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Vimeo announced (via TubeFilter) that it is releasing a new toolkit called Showcases that will allow creators to show off their videos, including customizable portfolio sites and Smart TV channels.

The company describes Showcase as a new way for users to highlight their portfolio online, and brings three tools to the table: a customizable portfolio / video site, the ability to embed video playlists on existing websites that creators might have, and TV apps for Pro users, which will allow creators to build their own Smart TV channels, which can be distributed via Roku and Amazon Fire TVs.

The feature will replace Vimeo’s Album feature (it says that it’ll update the design and keep “all the features that you love while adding new ones.”) Vimeo also says that there are a bunch of features in the works for Showcases — additional layouts, support for live-streaming, Showcase-specific statistics, and more.