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Facebook keeps asking whether its keynote makes people like Facebook

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Answer the poll

Facebook’s F8 developers conference is today, and Facebook wants to know: do you like Facebook? The company streamed its keynote on Facebook Watch and in the right corner of the stream, it cycled through various questions all asking if users had changed their minds about Facebook as CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke.

Questions included, “How does your opinion of the statement ‘Facebook is good for the world’ change as a result of watching this video?” Users can say they “agree more than before,” that their “opinion has not changed,” or that they “agree less than before.” They can see what their friends voted, too.

We’ve included the questions below, and will add more as we see them:

In some ways, it’s a sign that Facebook is taking public opinion seriously and trying to win back users — but they’re fighting an uphill battle. After years of escalating privacy disasters and tone-deaf management, is a shiny keynote and a push poll really enough to convince people Facebook is good for the world?

We’ll have to see what the numbers say.