How many times will we get to fold a phone?


I'm not talking about folding and unfolding the same one fold on a phone, I'm talking about one phone folding multiple times.

2 Fold, like a hotdog. The Galaxy fold among other more Gyro looking sloppy loop folds that do not go entirely flat.


4 Fold, taking a tablet down to the thick slab of those old nokias. The phone below is 7mm thicker (22mm total) than the Galaxy Fold's 15ish. We absolutely can get down to 4 fold, battery life and fragility be damned. The thickness issue is culturally constructed. I think if we could somehow incorporate the bare bones flip like this again, the four fold would be magic.

Nokia 2355

I think the worst case of a four fold is that they get adopted by belt clip dads and Dieter. This is actually not bad! Like flip phones, the pocket bulge is a real problem compared to the thin single panel design that's so popular and unchallenged. The solution, as with most problems in life and fashion, just don't care.

This extra fictional toll, the two flips to access Full Content Mode (the unfolded tablet) would give dads everywhere the excuse they need not to constantly look at their phone, even more so than the fold. Like the steph curry phone but if it actually worked.

How many of us have heard someone say nostalgically that they wish they had a flip phone? (Paul Miller)

This is that but TWICE.


8x Fold, the pizza phone. The White Whale of foldable phones.

basically this but make it a phone:

Image result for pizza slices

Just imagine the wild hinge innovation that would have to go into a discretely sliced, 8 stack of panels. Obviously, this is too many folds to ever do by hand so the hinge would have to be motorized.

At first this was a joke but now I love it


8 Fold Linear, The Jacob's Ladder design. The Stack of (nonpizza) Dominos. The aspect ratio on this would be wild. You've heard of 16 by 9? get ready for 128 by 9. JUST WILD. That's lightsaber length. The dream of every version one crapware screenlight app developer.

IMPLAUSIBLE 2b: 8 fold but the other way, resulting in the slightly less wild 6 by 1 aspect ratio which is too much but would be fun to see.

IMPLAUSIBLE 3, the most practical:

8 Fold, the 2x4 grid.

Let me know if you have any ideas.


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