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Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop secures John Cho in main role

Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop secures John Cho in main role


John Cho is set to play Spike Spiegel

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Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Shinichirō Watanabe and Keiko Nobumoto’s revered 1998 anime series Cowboy Bebop has its main cast, and Star Trek’s John Cho is set to lead the group.

Cho will play bonafide cool bounty hunter Spike Spiegel in Netflix’s series, according to a new report from Variety. Cho is joined by Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda, and Alex Hassell, who will play Spike’s ex-cop partner Jet Black, amnesiac con artist Faye Valentine, and hitman Vicious, respectively.

Cowboy Bebop has been a longtime favorite series for anime fans, with a massive reputation around the world for its surreal plots, stylish action, and Yoko Kanno’s wildly diverse score, which gives each episode a different musical theme. The series, which started off as a television show, and was adapted into a manga and spun off into a 2001 movie, follows Spike, Jet, Faye, gangly hacker kid Ed, and corgi Ein as they chase criminals around the galaxy in 2071. The bounty hunters, also referred to as “cowboys,” travel aboard a space vessel called the Bebop. Spike has an ugly past with Vicious, a criminal with ties to an illegal organization known as the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. While they were once friends, an affair between Spike and Vicious’ girlfriend, Julia, sets them against each other.

Netflix’s adaptation will run 10 episodes. Shinichirō Watanabe, the anime’s original director, is set to act as consultant on the series. The first two episodes are being written by Christopher Yost, the screenwriter on Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. There is no launch date for the series at this time.