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Apple just released this video called "Apple at work"... does anyone get Apple devices at work?


So Apple released this video called "Apple at Work", featuring how Apple products are used in your average office space.

At my previous job, iPhones were given out to employees. That stopped after the iPhone 7, and the company switched to Samsung devices as the main company phone. Company computers were all Dell.

Then I moved to my new job. Company phones are also Samsung devices (with a few Pixel 3's being given out here and there). Laptops are all HP.

In both cases, the main argument is price. Apple products are so ridiculously over-priced, that the companies I work at simply don't have the budget for them.

All things said, I don't see Apple ANYWHERE in office spaces except for the rare employees that decide to bring their own devices and find ways to make them work.

How common is it finding Apple devices at work? Do companies provide them to their employees where you work at?