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Facebook adds new tributes section to memorialized profiles

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Facebook creates a new way to commemorate people who have died

Facebook has announced some new changes to the way it’s handling the memorialized profiles of people who have died by adding a new tributes section to those pages. Friends and family members will be able to continue to post memories of loved ones on their pages.

The goal of the new system is twofold: it allows memorialized profiles to remain as they were before the user died, and it also provides a central place for people to share and read memories and other posts.

Additionally, Facebook is adding new options for legacy contacts (a friend or family member who is granted the power to convert an account into a memorialized account after the user’s death) to better manage those pages. Legacy contacts will be able to moderate the new tribute section, limiting who can post or see posts on that page. Parents are now also able to request to be made a legacy contact for children under 18 who have died.

Lastly, Facebook says that it has made additional improvements to its AI algorithms to prevent memorialized accounts from appearing in inappropriate places, like recommendations for event invitations or on the automatically generated list of birthday reminders.