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Moment overhauls its camera app with even more manual controls

Moment overhauls its camera app with even more manual controls


Set separate focus and exposure points, and get more visual feedback

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Image: Moment

Moment has updated its iOS and Android camera apps with a swathe of new features to give you both more control and more information about your photos and videos. What started as little more than a software companion to Moment’s range of smartphone lenses has since evolved into a capable camera app in its own right. With today’s update, Moment has gained more of the features of other advanced camera apps like the iOS-exclusive Halide and Filmic Pro.

Both the iOS and Android versions of the Moment app are getting new visual cues designed to show you which areas of your image are correctly exposed and in focus. Zebra stripes show any under or over-exposed parts of an image, while focus peaking shows which areas of the image are sharp.

On Android, users are getting a couple of extra features in this update. The most useful of these is the ability to set separate focus and exposure points in an image. For example, you could expose an image for a background while still focussing on an object in the foreground. You can also now save images in both RAW and JPG file formats simultaneously, and there’s a new RGB histogram to give you a better idea of your video color, balance, and exposure levels at a glance. Finally, Samsung and OnePlus owners will benefit from better device support with this update.

The Moment camera app is available on both iOS and Android where it now costs a single upfront fee of $5.99 or $3.99 respectively on both. Moment is running a 15-percent sale in its store for any new customers who download the app, making it cheaper to pick up one of the company’s lenses or smartphone accessories from other manufacturers.