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Fortnite’s volcano is starting to erupt

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It’s a hot one


Back in February, season 8 of Fortnite introduced a volcano to the game’s ever-changing island, and now it’s finally starting to erupt. Events were first set in motion a few weeks ago when a mysterious alien rune appeared on the island. Players were able to collectively push it across the map toward a spaceship-style structure that was excavated at Loot Lake. Now, the fifth and final rune has appeared, resulting in the start of a volcanic eruption.

It’s an outcome much of the community predicted after plumes of dark smoke could be seen coming from the volcano. The smoke intensified after the fifth rune appeared earlier today, with a larger plume that glowed orange at times, occasionally spitting out lava and shaking the map; meanwhile, lava also began to flood various excavation sites.

Currently, the rune features a meter that fills up when players drop materials and ammo into the volcano, in a sort of strange ritual sacrifice. It seems likely that once the meter is full, the volcano will erupt in full, likely changing the Fortnite island in some way. When this might happen remains unclear. It’s a collaborative effort, and you can help out right now (though, of course, many players are killing those trying to participate, so be careful out there).


It’s yet another huge event in the battle royale game that will likely tie into the events of season 9, which is expected to kick off next Thursday, May 9th. As always, it’s hard to predict what exactly will happen; Fortnite is a game prone to strange moments, ranging from floating butterflies and rolling cubes to in-game concerts that are attended by millions of people.

In the meantime, while you feed the volcano and wait for season 9, Fortnite is currently filled with Avengers: Endgame tie-ins, including a thrilling new mode and skins based on the iconic superheroes.