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Hulu’s Veronica Mars has a new trailer and its first hints of plot

Hulu’s Veronica Mars has a new trailer and its first hints of plot


The revival will hit Hulu on July 26th

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Hulu has released a new trailer for its upcoming revival of the detective series Veronica Mars. It’s the first real look at the show’s eight-episode fourth season, which will debut on July 26th.

The series premiered in 2004, following high school student Veronica (Kristen Bell) as she moonlights as a private detective, solving the mystery behind her best friend’s death and a fatal bus crash. Later, she moves to college where she tracks down a rapist and murderer. CW canceled the series after the end of the third season, but the creators put together a Kickstarter to partially fund a feature film a couple of years later, while creator Rob Thomas co-wrote a pair of novels about the character.

Now, Veronica is back on TV, along with much of the show’s original cast. Hulu revealed a first look at the show with a short teaser last month, highlighting Veronica’s wit and the release date. This new trailer shows more of what to expect: an older Veronica who’s working as a private detective in her hometown of Neptune, California. She’s looking into a high-stakes crime wave and a bombing that seems designed to “destroy Neptune as a spring-break destination.” Patton Oswalt and J.K. Simmons make appearances as the crime wave swells to incorporate shootings, muggings, and tasing.

Hulu has said it’s acquired the rights to stream the first three seasons of the series and the film this summer, presumably giving viewers enough time to rewatch the entire show before the new season begins streaming in July.