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In The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 trailer, revolution comes to Gilead

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‘If I’m going to change things, I’m going to need allies’

Hulu has unveiled a new look at the upcoming third season of its dystopian series The Handmaid’s Tale, showing off the birth of a resistance movement.

This new trailer opens with Offred (Elizabeth Moss) highlighting some of the changes that have come to the world. She opted not to leave Gilead during the show’s second season, and it seems she’s now hard at work formulating a revolution against her oppressors and hunting for allies to help her.

We got our first look at season 3 back in February during the Super Bowl when Hulu parodied President Ronald Reagan’s iconic 1984 Morning in America commercial, juxtaposing the utopian vision presented by the Republic of Gilead and the horrors it perpetrates on the women it enslaves.

Where the first season adapted most of Margaret Atwood’s original novel, the second season departed from it drastically, and it looks as though this new season will continue to expand from that original story.

Season 3 will premiere on Hulu on June 5th.