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New trailers: Watchmen, Spider-Man: Far From Home, It: Chapter 2, and more

New trailers: Watchmen, Spider-Man: Far From Home, It: Chapter 2, and more

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Photo: Sony

I haven’t loved some of Wes Anderson’s earlier movies, but I really enjoyed The Darjeeling Limited when I watched it this past weekend.

One thing I thought was particularly smart about the movie was how many small physical attachments Anderson gives his characters, which it’s clear they’ll eventually have to shed in order to grow. Passports, itineraries, and literal luggage are being carried around the entire movie, begging to be left behind.

This also plays into how explicitly Anderson’s characters often work. They’re all jaded and willing to plainly state what’s wrong with them, and these items offer a simple almost-storybook way of illustrating every beat.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

I thought the first Far From Home trailer made the film seem a little too cheery — like a road trip movie just for the sake of cool scenery. But it turns out, the first trailer was just a big lie to cover up tons of Endgame spoilers, which make this new trailer look a lot more compelling. The movie comes out on July 2nd.


The first trailer for Damon Lindelof’s adaptation of Watchmen is here. The show is trying to take the themes and imagery of the original comic and expand them into a bigger story that works on TV. There are certainly plenty of links here, but I have a hard time telling exactly what the show is going to be like just yet. The series starts this fall.

It: Chapter 2

I was going to make some generic comment here about how returning to obviously evil places is a dumb idea, but wow this trailer is legitimately very good and scary. When you’ve got a scene this tense, just letting it play out is absolutely the way to go. The movie comes out on September 6th.

The Lodge

Quiet, creepy, (mostly) single location horror films are in right now, and for good reason: they all look really good! This trailer starts out weird in that... it plays creepy music over a bunch of totally normal stuff, but eventually, it twists into a very The Witch / It Comes at Night vibe. The film comes out this fall.


The CW put out a brief first teaser for its next DC series: a Batwoman adaptation that has Ruby Rose playing Kate Kane, a recent reinvention of the character. The show was only picked up earlier this year, so it’s not clear exactly when the first season is going to arrive.

Rim of the World

Netflix’s latest original seems to be based on the pitch, “What if we made a movie we could immediately autoplay after people finish Stranger Things, and maybe if we’re lucky no one will notice the difference?” On the one hand, it’s a fun, nostalgic adventure. On the other, it’s from the Terminator Salvation guy. It comes out on May 24th. 

The Farewell

Awkwafina stars in this Sundance hit with a depressingly quirky twist — that an entire family must hide from their grandmother that she’s dying. The film is based on real events from director Lulu Wang’s life, which she’s previously shared on This American Life. It comes out on July 12th.

I am Mother

I am Mother is a sci-fi thriller with a very Moon-ish approach: it’s about one human, stuck in some futuristic station, who suddenly finds herself questioning everything when another human arrives. My colleague Adi Robertson reviewed the film at Sundance, and she wrote that it doesn’t offer “an incredibly smart or memorable take on artificial intelligence, but the film still taps into some potent cultural anxieties.” It comes out on June 7th.


I have to tell you, I don’t understand what’s happening in the slightest here.