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Adobe Lightroom is getting in-app tutorials that show the photo-editing process

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Plus a new texture slider


Adobe’s May updates to Lightroom CC and Classic are bringing in-app tutorials that give step-by-step, contextual guidance to the photo-editing app. Lightroom users will be able to access and follow along with interactive tutorials using “inspirational photos,” which include a history panel that shows each step and slider adjustment made to the finished photo.

Lightroom for iOS and Android will have 60 interactive tutorials, with new ones being added every day. Desktop users will have access to six tutorials to start, but will have contextual menus to help guide users and explain tool functions.


If you’ve ever tried to follow along with a YouTube tutorial, you may have run into educational roadblocks like finding out that the instructor is using a different version of the software and all the UI elements have shifted positions or the names have changed. Having programmatic tutorials within Lightroom keeps the content evergreen and works especially well for international users by having the content localized in their own language.

Lightroom for mobile and desktop is also getting a Share & Invite menu that lets other users make a shared album. The feature works like Google Drive, with a link you can email to collaborators and adjustable permissions that can be set to view-only or grant upload access. Non-Lightroom subscribers can add their photos as well, with photo storage limits counting only toward the album owner.

There’s also a new texture slider for mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom. It’s good for parts of photos you want to smooth out or highlight, like smoothing the pores of someone’s face, or accentuating details without affecting noise or bokeh.


Lightroom mobile users will get a new home view that contains the user’s recent photos. Batch editing is also coming to Lightroom for Android, allowing users to copy settings and apply them to multiple images. You can access the feature by tapping the three-dot menu on the top right of the screen —> Copy Settings —> long press to select mode and choose photos to apply the edits to —> tap the three-dot menu on the top right again —> Paste Settings.

The updates are available on Lightroom today, and you can read more on Adobe’s blog here.