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A new Pokémon mobile game just appeared

A new Pokémon mobile game just appeared


Available now for Android in Australia

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Image: The Pokemon Company

Seemingly out of nowhere, today has seen the release of a new Pokémon smartphone game called Pokémon Rumble Rush. Initially announced with the name Pokéland back in 2017, the game reappeared today with a new name, and Eurogamer notes that it’s already available on the Australian Google Play Store. An information page for the game says it will eventually also be available for both iOS and Android, and it has been developed by Ambrella, the developer behind the four previous Pokémon Rumble games.

We’re starting to lose count of the number of smartphone Pokémon games. Obviously, there’s the Niantic-developed Pokémon Go, which is still going strong almost three years after its initial release, but there are a number of others, including 2017’s Magikarp Jump. Earlier this week, noted that DeNA, the developer behind Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and the upcoming Mario Kart Tour, announced that it’s working on a Pokémon mobile game of its own that’s due to be released this financial year.

First released on the Wii back in 2009, the Pokémon Rumble games are a beat ‘em up take on the Pokémon series. Since its debut, it’s seen four entries in total, with two titles appearing on the 3DS and another on the Wii U where it was the first game to support NFC figurines. This NFC functionality would eventually morph into Nintendo’s incredible successful Amiibo lineup.